v0.8.43 - ROCKET LAUNCHERS & Quality Improvements

A range of new features! Rocket launchers and more explosive weapons have been implemented, making stealth more "optional". In accordance to this, explosions now look a lot prettier with a new particle system. Additionally, the player can now breach new doors, leaving the enemies stunned on the other side. Many other improvements, with full changelog listed below!

  • Minor UI effects
  • Added additional savestations in first mission
  • Fixed bug making player unable to jump while in water while using gamepad
  • Optimized large chunks of code
  • Fixed visual bug causing gunshots not to splash water
  • Improved door animation
  • Added new door; "Traditional"
  • Added Breaching Mechanic; Open traditional doors by breaching and stunning enemies
  • Renovated Explosion VFX to a particle-based system
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Reworked "Skipping"-function to work in in-game dialogues
  • Collection of new sound effects; breach device, grenade foley, etc.
  • Prevented gun from holstering when exiting water
  • Color correction on multiple sprites; elevators, doors, etc.
  • New enemy unit; Sirra
  • New class of weapons; Rocket Launchers
  • New weapons; RL-14 (RPG-7), Annihilator (M202 FLASH)
  • Rocket Weapons
  • Fixed bug causing two enemies or more killed by same explosion to be registered as one
  • Remade several planet sprites
  • Made dispatch helicopter leave if Player walks away after calling it in
  • Added visual cone VFX for CCTV objects
  • Changes in CCTV detection parameters
  • Added hitmarker VFX
  • Reduced "Jittering" in Leaning Animation when cursor is close to player
  • Updates to Throwing Mechanic; tacticals are now thrown by left-mouse click/fire button while "Q" is hold down
  • Updated multiple character portraits; Rushaug, Zargasso, Daemon, Drake Woods
  • Small changes in level design/more details
  • Made landing zone options available through Inventory/UI Wheel


Project Emerald_Demo v0.8.43.exe 132 MB
Nov 05, 2021

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