v0.8.50 - The "CLARITY" Update

A massive update accumulating all work for the last year! Gamepad support is now fully integrated to the gameplay, CHARACTER SELECTION is now a thing, gearing up has become fun with the new Loadout Screen, and you will finally navigate the arctic submarine base without getting lost with the new live minimap feature. Many other improvements, with full changelog listed below!

  • Start Screen visual overhaul
  • SATF Tranquility Interplanetary Explorer added to title screen
  • New system: Live Minimap
  • Asset production for multiple levels
  • Produced more music tracks
  • Improved existing music tracks
  • Significant work on levels: Toxicana & Catvador
  • New level introduced nicknamed "Sakura"
  • Completely new Loadout Selection Screen
  • Fixed bug causing single-fire guns to fire full-auto at 60 rounds a second
  • Tweaked weight and distance for throwing knifes
  • Improved calibration to measuring UI-line determining ordnance trajectory
  • Full Gamepad integration
  • Ragdoll-corpse system prototype (disabled until further consideration)
  • Improved existing sprites and assets
  • Updated character portraits
  • Optimized code
  • Addressed CPU leaks
  • Added ability to sabotage submarine (necessary to complete secondary objects in LVL1)
  • Improved particle system
  • Reworked snow simulation
  • Tileset overhaul
  • Prevented Player Drone from entering water
  • Improved ledge grab detection on emerging from water
  • Addressed lacking tutorial input prompts
  • Significant refinements/overhaul to UI/HUD
  • Improved and more seamless cutscene skip function
  • Corrected usage of HP rounds from syringe animation to mag reload
  • Improvements to Pause Screen
  • Made ice cones randomly fall down damaging player on collision
  • Produced SFX's
  • Improved animation on existing assets
  • Added new guns: SF5-A2 (M16), PS7 Globemaster (USP .45), WK-88 (Benelli M4)
  • Improved existing guns
  • Fixed crucial bug causing player to sink into ground in vertical terrain while crouching
  • Fixed bug causing wrong arm animation while equipping assault weapon on secondary
  • Added global variable tracking frame runtime
  • Converted to "initialization-index" for Pick-up Weapons
  • Converted Gun Schematic Collectable from group-based value to instance-based
  • Reset Dialogue Transmission UI VFX scaling on end of frame
  • Prevented enemy units from firing on player while fast travelling
  • Added more shortcuts in LVL1
  • New CCTV type: Enemy Drone
  • Added rotating cone-shaped lights
  • New HUD element: Enemy Proximity Indicator revealing nearby enemies off-screen
  • Character Selection


Project Emerald_Demo v0.8.50.exe 150 MB
Dec 09, 2022

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