v0.8.45 - New 5-Star Rating System & Much More

Brand new Scoring System, focused around Five-Star rating based on performance! Many improvements on other aspects as well, including a new more visually appealing console replacing the wall button for deactivating the security system, along with many visual cues throughout the facility changing depending on the security system being on or off. Certain objects now emit sounds with volume determined by players distance for improved game feel. UI/HUD regarding enemy alertness has been revamped. Many other improvements, with full changelog listed below!

  • NEW Score Screen with a 5-Star Ranking system
  • More visual clarity on security-related objects
  • Changed colors of lasers and CCTV cone to uniform green, changing to red on detection
  • Added moving lasers
  • Security switch replaced with a console for player to sabotage
  • Small changes to player interaction with world objects
  • Added dynamic CCTV monitor images
  • Added visual clues to hidden entrance into security chamber
  • Reworked ambiance SFX mixing
  • Added Proximity Sounds; volume determined by players distance to source
  • More sound effects; lasers, industrial fans, etc.
  • "Disabled" elevator button outside Security Complex to direct player toward hidden entrance
  • Code optimization
  • Fixed bug causing lag when firing bullets outside bounds
  • Improved animations; crouch walk
  • Overhauled enemy alert UI
  • Made escape button close map
  • Fixed certain variables/stats not resetting when starting new game
  • Fixed bug causing player to instantly die when starting new game after loading/saving earlier game
  • Improved Buff/Debuff UI
  • Corrected tile placement inside ice cave
  • Made enemies able to open traditional doors


Project Emerald_Demo v0.8.45.exe 134 MB
Dec 02, 2021

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