v0.8.70 - The "LODESTAR" Update

Another BIG update is now live, improving game flow with more contextual inputs (Such as using elevator, and dropping down platforms), bugfixes, new animations (!), and an overhauled arm rotation mechanic, enabling smooth aiming (Especially better on Gamepad), and subtle movements during reload, gun switching, etc.! The new Enemy Tier-system is included, a new item; "Tactical Laser Kit", and the player will now retract his/her gun when standing next to close terrain to prevent clipping through walls! Many other improvements, with full changelog listed below!

v0.8.70 Changelog:

  • Further construction of new levels (Mission 2; Operation Scimitar)
  • An arsenal of new assets
  • Introduced door variations (traditional, open/close)
  • Bugfix: Corrected faulty collision box for traditional door
  • Scenery improvements to Mission 1; Operation Arctic Strike
  • Implemented Scaling FX parameters for lighting emitters
  • Color-corrected existing assets
  • Improvements to Player/Enemy Sprite & Animation
  • New Animation: Aiming Stance
  • Improvements to Enemy AI
  • Enemy will react to nearby units taking damage or dying
  • Enemy can walk while crouching
  • Optimization to Enemy AI; Line-of-Sight will not be drawn for enemies far away
  • Enhanced controls for using elevator, accompanied with UI
  • Added a button combination for dropping down platforms (Down+Jump)
  • Overhauled arm rotation mechanic; Angle turn-rate/speed determined by carrying weight
  • Camera improvements; will focus on enemies with a potential line-of-sight on player
  • Disabled Hunger System
  • Removed Food items
  • Added new item; Tactical Laser Kit
  • Bugfix: Made enemy indicator for enemies outside bounds invisible
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug causing dead enemy's invisible gun to fire on player
  • Bugfix: Occasional melee kill performed on enemy without attacking
  • New mechanic; Player retracts arm/weapon when standing too close to wall/terrain
  • Sprite improvements to multiple outdated guns
  • New enemies; A new Tier-System introduced for default infantry
  • Applied Player Muzzle Fire VFX to Enemy as well
  • Inventory UI improvements; Item Index Indicator, & slight aesthetic improvements
  • Locked Ordnance Qucik-Switch button while Inventory Menu is active
  • More scenery/decorations in certain areas (Mission 1: Operation Arctic Strike)
  • Updated contextual UI for Gamepad/Keyboard & Mouse
  • Bugfix: Prevented Shoot/Aim Tutorial UI from disappearing untimely
  • Slight changes/improvements to enemy behavior when searching for Player
  • Added "Mission Start" UI FX
  • Bugfix: Repurposed faulty Enemy AI node
  • Added more gun variations for enemy units
  • Optimized code for Player Arm
  • Added subtle angle FX's to reloading & gun switching
  • Changed SFX; AR-58 (AK-47)
  • Improvements to enemy targeting systems
  • Minor visual FX touches to startscreen
  • Added Name + Description UI to Ordnance Selection Stage (Weapon Selection Screen)


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