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Rushaug: Project Emerald is a polished single-player experience with tons of guns, espionage, military jargon, and enormous replayability.


The free world is threatened by a tyrannical empire looking to unite the nations under a single voice. Coalition of Sovereign Forces (CSF), a joint military alliance is fighting to defend independent nations from being grasped by the imperialistic Dekenzia Major Allegiance (DMA). In the middle of this conflict is Rushaug, an elite soldier operating behind enemy lines, gathering critical information, all while sabotaging the enemy from the inside. His accomplishments does not go unnoticed, and he is quickly building a reputation after he defeats DMA’s greatest operative; Ridley Wesker. The DMA is determined to stop the threat, prompting Commander Zargasso to dispatch special forces to hunt down and eliminate Rushaug. Unknownly, Rushaug is about to meet his equal; Red Nuke.

Play Mission 1: Operation Arctic Strike for free!

Enemy has deployed a new fleet of nuclear submarines to remain hidden under the glaciers of the arctic. Undetectable, and armed with hypersonic missiles, these submarines ensure nuclear deterrence.

Suspicious missile testing suggests enemy is training for engagements. We are tasked with investigating.

  • EXPLORE a range of locations including cold tundras to arid deserts, and venture into space to another planet!
  • INFILTRATE hostile settlements ranging from remote outposts to enormous spacestations
  • ENGAGE in combat against enemies such as the skilled infantry of the DMA, experienced guerrilla fighters on planet Ecuador, or take on the feared Bolse Death Squadron. The game puts huge emphasis on gunplay, and realistic bullet velocity, so it is all about quick reactions.
  • COLLECT intel to reveal new locations and gun schematics to unlock 40+ different weapons to choose from
  • UNCOVER the truth about Project Emerald in an engaging story

Rushaug: Project Emerald has been a passion project more than 10 years in the making. After an excruciating amount of work as a solo developer, ups and downs, challenges and hurdles; it is a dream come true to have you view this page right now. If you're passionate about stealth games, shooters, and platformers, and happen to like cats as well, I think you're going to enjoy this experience very much.


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I completed the mission and was sent to the main menu. Are there other missions in the game? And how to open


Well, I think that my next video will be about newer version of Rushaug

Awesome! Be sure to share it!

For some reason I when I finish the cutscenes and get to the gameplay it seems I can't move of aim or anything, however ESC works, this is really confusing

Hello! I am unaware of this bug... If you're inclined, I would appreciate you joining the discord, so you can post a screenshot of the issue in the Bug Reporting channel!

Here's the invitation link: https://discord.gg/ETzhPDn


Alright, I'll be joining

So basically yes please

Why I only have one mission, and where to find a sub

Почему у меня только одна миссия, и где найти субмарину