v0.8.60 - The "GLOBEMASTER" Update

Another MASSIVE update finally introducing a level selection screen! Mechanical enemies including a heavy tank is now present in Mission 2, Assets such as guns, scenery, tilesets, and in-game character models have received visual improvements, a mission timer pausing at cutscenes make speedruns and competing more fun. Many other improvements, with full changelog listed below!

  • Further construction of new levels
  • New feature: Item Collection Feed
  • Level Selection Screen, Map-themed
  • Minor improvements to UI elements
  • Reworked certain data elements related to saving/loading
  • Made mission score account for time bonus in seconds
  • Mission Timer; pauses during cutscenes, etc.
  • Temporarily disabled in-game opening cutscene
  • Optimized code for UI elements
  • Changed looting mechanic; You can no longer loot corpses by crouching and pressing the interaction button, enemies will instead occasionally drop a duffelbag instantly containing a random item
  • Visual improvements;
  • Mission 1 Background Skybox; Color gradient have been replaced with an animated Aurora Borealis
  • Color corrections to snow tileset, purple tint
  • In-game player model's head is improved, more detailed and resembling of a cat
  • Character portrait improvements
  • Visual overhaul to guns; WF512 (M249 SAW), VT80 (M60), SC96 (Beretta ARX160) CS-12 Conqueror (SPAS-12)
  • Added minimap hint in tutorial section
  • Added new enemy type; Heavy Tank (Currently only present in Mission 2)
  • Bug fix: prevented player from calling elevator while jumping, causing elevator to be misaligned
  • Reduced fog in Mission 1
  • Made secret passages transparent instead of invisible while player is inside
  • Added astrosuit player model for Missions in space/inhospitable environments
  • Lighting improvements; Added a Subtract layer to allow for complete darkness in level areas
  • New Bullet Hit VFX; pre-rendered particle effect w/ variations
  • New soundtrack; War Room
  • Cleaned up unused assets to reduce file size
  • Koi fish
  • Shortened time taken to travel through fast travel-vents
  • Added new rocket projectile variation for Annihilator (M202 Flash)
  • Replaced "Exit to Windows" option in pause screen with "Abort Mission"
  • Made Intel items collectible
  • Tiny level design changes to Mission 1
  • Made variables (Ammo, silencer integrity, objectives, etc.) reset correctly when launching new mission
  • Made an animated Save Icon when game is saving data
  • Restricted player from pausing while leaving/entering mission in helicopter
  • Bug fix: Prevented all icicles from exploding when two or more hit player simultaneously
  • Bug fix: Prevented icicles to fall at slow speed outside water
  • Beautified "Press Start" UI element on Start Screen
  • Replaced old helicopter SFX with new, recording of a NH90
  • Made RL-14 (RPG-7) attach to Krynkel correctly
  • Corrected Krynkel' "back" arm
  • Added a small new secret area
  • Swapped ID of guns; SF1-A1 & STAR-5 (M4A1 & SCAR-L)
  • Updated Gun Locker room
  • Updated Hunger/Energy UI element
  • Bug fix: Prevented security console from remaining broken while security is reactived on Mission Restart


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Apr 17, 2023

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