v0.8.42 - More music & Bug fixes

More music! This update improved existing soundtracks while also adding a new one. Multiple crucial bugs have been fixed, and XBox Gamepad compatibility has been improved. NOTE: Menus and certain actions are still inoperable with XBox Gamepad, for the time being. 


  • Made cursor reappear after disconnecting XBox Gamepad
  • Repurposed cursor into a crosshair for joystick-aiming when XBox Gamepad is connected
  • Added a VFX to cursor/crosshair when firing weapons
  • Color changes to Location Font with a gradient shader
  • New XBox Gamepad button UI visuals
  • Remade Title Screen/Rushaug Theme soundtrack
  • Added soundtrack for Game Over screen
  • Fixed bug causing "Last Save" button not to respond
  • Fixed bug causing "Krynkel" cutscene to break and position player in upper right corner after loading save
  • Restricted player from using items while swimming
  • Decreased volume and corrected frequency/pitch for "screeching" UI sounds discomforting the ears


Project Emerald_Demo v0.8.42.exe 129 MB
Jun 22, 2021

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