v0.8.41 - MASSIVE UPDATE; Accessible nuclear submarine, New inventory wheel, Suite of new sounds & More

BUILD v0.8.41

An abundance of new content and features added the game! New areas, new inventory wheel, a suite of sounds, visuals, and a new enemy forcing the player to consider new approaches! The most significant changes are highlighted in bold font in the changelog.


  • Removed hidden dev keys
  • Visually improved map, with color code legend for keycard doors
  • Fixed bug causing CCTV's mounted on left-side walls to reset after being destroyed
  • Improved enemy path/behavior nodes
  • A huge collection of new visual assets (scenery, decorations, environment, animated objects)
  • New tilesets
  • More animated news channel images
  • Stylized title text and background on "Game Over" and "Debrief" screens
  • Improved existing visual assets (tilesets, scenery, etc.)
  • Submarine sub-level added
  • Code & runtime optimization
  • A large suite of new sounds (ambience, foley, mechanical, footsteps)
  • Implemented new system emitting source-specific sounds from footsteps and falls
  • Two new soundtracks
  • Subtle changes in existing level-design
  • New areas (Underground Ice Lake, Docked Nuclear Submarine, Outpost Helicopter Pad)
  • Options Screen (For adjusting audio & screen settings)
  • Added a "cooldown" for activating elevators to counteract an exploit of going up-and-down constantly to avoid alert enemies
  • Corrected minor visual bugs
  • Renovated Inventory system with a UI Wheel
  • Converted old inventory panel into a "Quick Slot" for fast utilization of items
  • Random bonus damage mechanic converted into range bonus
  • Corrected gun variables for new range factor
  • Improvements to enemy AI (Enemies will slightly separate from each other when overlapping same position)
  • Added background wall sprite aligning behind elevator objects
  • Fixed bug causing certain tutorial UI to reappear
  • Corrected tutorial sections for the new UI Wheel
  • Added more dialogue possibilities to "Contact Squadron" function
  • Added another interactable button in hangar operating runway gate to prevent player from getting locked inside 
  • New camera mode for focusing on points-of-interests happening near player
  • New cutscene
  • Added a new "adversary" system spawning unique enemies hunting the player
  • New enemy (Krynkel)


Project Emerald_Demo v0.8.41.exe 130 MB
Jun 16, 2021

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