v0.8.34 - Improved Inventory Management

BUILD v0.8.34 is up and running! This one introduces a variety of features; including a NEW enemy type, improved Ice Cave visuals, and better Inventory Management!


- Rewrote the throw measuring mechanic, instantly drawing a curve for where grenades, etc. will land
- Changed throwing point from a static player offset to a dynamic point on throwing arm
- Prevented enemy "Flinch" animation from being interrupted by stun animation
- Prevented crouching enemy from immediately standing up if line of sight is obstructed
- Significantly improved Ice Cave visuals/assets
- Color corrected Ice Cave background
- Expanded new area in Snotikia level
- Made a fade transition on pressing any button on Start Screen
- Improved certain dialogue paragraphs
- Fixed a minor bug related to snow fog
- Added alpha channel to gunfire sprite
- Aesthetic improvements to Starter Weapon and Debrief screens
- Improved inventory management system
- Improved controls for selecting and using inventory item
- Optimized inventory system
- Applied better in-game tutorial for using inventory
- Added "Suppressor Kit" item
- Fixed terrain collision bug in Ice Cave
- Corrected "Increased Damage" effect to subtract by rounds fired instead of time
- Added bullet trail VFX for shooting with HP Rounds
- Added more SFX
- Added "Infantry Captain" unit in-game
- Made the "Eliminate high-ranking officer" objective functional
- Overhauled "Valkyrie Department Statue" asset
- Added red panel walls with text for player to identify Security room
- Minor improvements to several assets


Project Emerald_Demo v0.8.34.exe 111 MB
Nov 30, 2020

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