v0.8.33 - All-new "Objective List"

BUILD v0.8.33 is now up! This is a plentiful update, including an all-new "Objective List" system, as well as significantly improved animations! #ui #ux #animation #pixelart #metroidvania #indiegame #stealthvania #actionadventure #devlog #gamedev

v0.8.33 Changelog:

- Calibrated weapon sprite to sync with player motion when carried on back

- Implemented a new system; Objective List

- Changed screen mode from stretched fit to full screen

- Removed unused font "Terminal" (vga850.fon, app850.fon) from binary code

- Added new tutorial prompt "Tab" for viewing objectives

- Added criteria's for Snotikia Mission objectives

- Implemented a "flashing" VFX for collectibles

- Reworked Weapon Pick-Ups to display silencers accordingly

- Changed audio channel of "dialogueSFX" from #3 to #26 to prevent it from interrupting certain sounds

- Improved map image

- Optimized code for Weapon Pick-Up objects

- Added a scaling VFX for picking up new weapons

- Made a new icon for the .exe application

- Improved the dialogue in "Prologue" scene

- Improved idle animation

- Improved walking animation

- Fixed bug causing player to get stuck in ground on deploying drone while crouch walking in narrow spaces

- Fixed bug allowing player to interrupt Airduct SFX while travelling airduct

- Fixed bug causing alert icon to play sound cues despite enemy being dead

- Prevented player from pausing while looking at map

- Replaced item "Diazepam" with "HP Rounds"

- Fixed bug enabling player to call in helicopter/supply drop inside base when Landing Zone UI is invisible/inactive

- Updated buff icons


Project Emerald_Demo v0.8.33.exe 111 MB
Nov 22, 2020

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